TB6600 4.5A Chopper Stepper Motor Driver Board

GHS 230.00

The TB6600 is a more powerful alternative to the TB6560 Motor Driver Board for driving high torque/current bipolar stepper motors. It features a more advanced IC and a larger heat sink, allowing it to handle higher currents. It is a “chopper drive“, meaning you can set the specific current at which the motor would operate. This enables the motor to be driven at a higher voltage without risk of damaging the motor coils.

It is also easy to use with the operating current selected by an on-board trimmer potentiometer. Microstep options are selected by the on-board DIP switches. It can drive a wide range of stepper motors including the larger and more powerful NEMA 23 stepper motors. It can be easily interfaced with Arduino, Raspberry Pi, PIC etc.

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  • 9V-42V DC Operating Voltage
  • 4.5A maximum output current per phase
  • 0A-4.5A continuously adjustable phase current values via an on-board trimmer potentiometer
  • Full, 1/2, 1/8, 1/16 Microstep Resolutions
  • 200kHz clock frequency


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