Backorder Information

A backorder is an order that we cannot fulfill within the usual time frame (see Processing Times). This means you would have to wait a bit longer before receiving your package. Based on the varying needs of our customers, we have come up with different backordering options for your convenience. At the time of your backorder, we will contact you to enquire about your preferred option for the backorder:

  • Option 1: Place an order for the desired product(s) but without payment. Your package will be available during our next re-stocking period. The usual time for re-stocking is 5-6 weeks.
  • Option 2: Place an order for the the desired product(s) and make a down payment of 70% of the total cost. Your package will be made available within 4-5 weeks. The package will be approved for delivery after the top-up payment of the remaining 30% has been made.
  • Option 3: Sometimes you need your backorder more urgently and we can help you with this. For such situations an additional payment must be made to cover part of the shipping costs. Payment must be made in full before the backorder process will be commenced. The additional cost will vary mainly with the time of delivery as follows:
    1. Within 1 week: GH¢320.00 extra shipping cost
    2. Within 2 weeks: GH¢170.00 extra shipping cost
    3. Within 3 weeks: GH¢90.00 extra shipping cost
    4. Within 4 weeks: GH¢50.00 extra shipping cost


For further enquiries or clarification, feel free to contact us.