3296W Type Multiturn Trimpot

GHS 5.50

These multi-turn trimmer potentiometers allow precision resistance tuning by changing resistance in very little amounts per each revolution.

“Trimpot” is short for “Trimmer Potentiometer”.


Tags: potentiometer, trimmer, trimpot, variable resistor

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Additional information

Maximum Resistance

50Ω (500), 100Ω (101), 200Ω (201), 500Ω (501), 1kΩ (102), 2kΩ (202), 5kΩ (502), 10kΩ (103), 20kΩ (203), 50kΩ (503), 100kΩ (104), 200kΩ (204), 500kΩ (504), 1MΩ (105), 2MΩ (205)


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