Zener Diodes (2 in pack)

GHS 2.80GHS 5.20

By making use of the avalanche effect, zener diodes are able to operate in the reverse region providing a simple but impressive voltage regulation. They are designed to have a specific Zener Voltage (Vz) and used in many applications including power supplies, voltage clipping, constant current sources, voltage triggers etc. If you are need a more advanced voltage regulation solution, be sure to check out our Voltage Regulator ICs.

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0.5W 2V, 0.5W 2V2, 0.5W 2V4, 0.5W 2V7, 0.5W 3V, 0.5W 3V3, 0.5W 3V6, 0.5W 3V9, 0.5W 4V3, 0.5W 4V7, 0.5W 5V1, 0.5W 5V6, 0.5W 6V2, 0.5W 6V8, 0.5W 7V5, 0.5W 8V2, 0.5W 9V1, 0.5W 10V, 0.5W 11V, 0.5W 12V, 0.5W 13V, 0.5W 15V, 0.5W 16V, 0.5W 18V, 0.5W 20V, 0.5W 22V, 0.5W 24V, 0.5W 27V, 0.5W 30V, 0.5W 33V, 0.5W 36V, 0.5W 39V, 1W 2V, 1W 2V2, 1W 2V4, 1W 2V7, 1W 3V, 1W 3V3, 1W 3V6, 1W 3V9, 1W 4V3, 1W 4V7, 1W 5V1, 1W 5V6, 1W 6V2, 1W 6V8, 1W 7V5, 1W 8V2, 1W 9V1, 1W 10V, 1W 11V, 1W 12V, 1W 13V, 1W 15V, 1W 16V, 1W 18V, 1W 20V, 1W 22V, 1W 24V, 1W 27V, 1W 30V, 1W 33V, 1W 36V, 1W 39V


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