Wemos D1 Development Board

GHS 90.00

The Wemos D1 is an Arduino Uno compatible development board with in-built WiFi based on the powerful ESP8266EX chip.

It comes with surprisingly great specifications and reliability for its low price. Processing speed is impressive with large internal storage as well. It works great for all IoT and WiFi remote controlling and remote sensing applications.

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  • Based on powerful ESP8266EX microcontroller
  • Arduino Uno compatible
  • NodeMCU compatible
  • 11 Digital I/O pins (3.3V levels)
  • Interrupt, PWM, I2C, One-Wire supported on all digital I/O pins (except D0)
  • 1 Analog Input pin (3.2V max input)
  • 80MHz clock speed
  • 4MB Flash Memory


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