L293D Quad H-Bridge Motor Driver Shield for Arduino

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Caution: There is a jumper cap on the two header pins labeled “PWR”. Remove this jumper cap when powering with an external voltage source or you might damage the shield and/or Arduino board!

This is a very useful and popular motor shield based on two L293D ICs. It enables you to easily control either four bi-directional DC motors or two stepper motors. There are also pins where you can additionally attach and control two servo motors. The footprint of the shield is made to fit into an Arduino Uno or any other board with compatible pin layout such as the Arduino Mega.

The motor speed and power to the motors can be controlled through Pulse-Width Modulation (PWM), with each channel capable of handling up to 600mA continuous current. The applications are many including control of car robot wheels, CNC machines, 3D printers, robot arm etc.

Note: This driver shield is not a “chopper” type and does not feature any current limiting protection, therefore it is possible to exceed the current rating and cause damage to the board. In general, always make sure that the motors and driver specifications are in the same range to avoid damage to motor and/or driver board.

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  • External power supply voltage range: 4.5V – 25V
  • Continuous current per channel: 600mA
  • Peak current per channel: 1.2A


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