Linear Voltage Regulator IC (2 in pack)

GHS 9.40GHS 22.00

Linear Voltage Regulators (LVRs) provide a simple way to obtain a practically stable DC voltage output from an unregulated DC voltage source. As compared to simple components such as zener diodes, they have better stability over a wider range of loads because of their in-built feedback error correction.

The adjustable ones allow you to set the desired voltage with just external resistors. Voltage regulators form part of most complex electronic systems which interface different devices with different ratings. They are also a good way of mimicking battery power from a rectified AC source.

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Available part numbers: AMS1117 | L7805CV | L7806CV | L7808CV | L7809CV | L7810CV | L7812CV | L7815CV | L7818CV | L7824CV | LM317T | L7905CV | L7909CV | L7912CV | L7915CV | LM337T

Additional information

Part Number

AMS1117, L7805CV, L7806CV, L7808CV, L7809CV, L7810CV, L7812CV, L7815CV, L7818CV, L7824CV, LM317T, L7905CV, L7909CV, L7912CV, L7915CV, LM337T


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